Bass/Backing Vocals

A Birmingham, Alabama native, Mike Gillespie got his start playing in a band called NUMBERS. 

​Next was a band called GRAPHIX, which gave Mike his first experience with writing and performing original songs. 

​Then with Mick Foxx and David St. James, Mike helped form the first incarnation of DRIVER in the Fall of 1990. 

In 1993, Mike, Paul Greene ,Steve Wain and Rob Gannon formed KING FOR A DAY which produced original Hard Rock with thoughtful lyrics. Before ending in 1998, the band had been through three versions. 

Then in 2001, Mike, Paul Greene, Tracy Beck and Chris Campbell started SYMMETRY playing all Rock covers.  JT Sober joined a year-and-a-half later after Chris left. SYMMETRY kept playing until 2007 when a brief KING FOR A DAY reunion took place. 

​When 2012 rolled around Mike and Mick Foxx revived DRIVER and are still rockin' to this day!