Born in the swamps of Louisiana, JT Sober broke onto the scene in Birmingham, Alabama in 1990 and formed a band called BLIND DRIVER. 

​Oddly enough, just one year later he joined the emerging DRIVER to rock the local scene.  Then as quickly as it started, it was over. JT moved to other original bands like SPIRAL where he mainly played lead guitar and sang backup. 

​In 1998 JT moved back to the dark side and started playing clubs with cover bands and ended up with some of the guys (Mike Gillespie, Paul Greene) from DRIVER in a band called SYMMETRY. 

Trying to get the last gasp of music from his heart and soul, JT started touring weekends with HUNTING DELILA for 4 years. Burned out from covers and with family on his mind, he decided to slow down his roll.  

Getting together for Sunday jams and reliving the good old days, found DRIVER writing new material and fanning the musical flames to record material for a rebirth of DRIVER.